The obvious

Hotels, spas, clubs, lounge events, airlines, cruise lines, mattress stores, furniture stores. (Keep reading…) Parties and celebrations (i.e. bat/bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteen’s, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, divorce parties…)

The not-so-obvious

Self-promotion, conference, colleges/universities, therapist offices, magazines, camps, hospitals (maternity ward & pediatric units)

More? You want more?
Are you sure?

What about a different size, shape, or material? Imagine your own pillow…and we will create it!

Don’t Stop There

What about packaging? All pillows are individually poly-bagged. We can do
fulfillment! Provide the box, we will package. Provide the label, we will
adhere/apply it. Provide the idea, we will fulfill it!


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